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About Me

Thank you for stopping by! I am truly excited to share with you who I am and “proof” to you your proofreader search is over! For some logistics, I live in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where I have lived for twenty years. I am sixty years old and have a very quiet, low-key lifestyle. My hobbies are knitting, reading, staying healthy, and loving on my personal chaperone, Sassy, my three-year-old rescue pup.

I've been told I have hawk’s eyes, as I repeatedly hear “How did you find that?" And so it begins…As a child away at overnight camp, I was known for reading letters from my friends and parents and returning them…corrected! No surprise I chose to incorporate a fitting business name into my profession.

Originally from Memphis, TN, I was raised to keep my eye on the details and to aim for excellence in everything I did. I quickly learned that, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” And that is especially true in the proofreading world.

I have been an entrepreneur my entire life, with a specific love of grammar, spelling and anything to do with the written word. Methodical and tenacious, I enjoy getting it done with much attention-to-detail. I TAKE MY WORK PERSONALLY!

Being a successful court stenographer of twenty-two years, I understand what fast-paced, deadline-driven work is all about. I gained an immeasurable aptitude for precise and exact terminology normally reserved only for subject matter experts. And that passion has never drifted.

If attention-to-detail, personal service, and excellence are important to your enterprise or your literary creation, you've found your proofreader.

If you want someone who is accessible, professional, and responsive, you've found your proofreader.

Once you speak with me, you will quickly enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you made the right choice that you've found your proofreader—with a little southern twang!

After all, wouldn’t you want a pair of hawk’s eyes looking for the needle in your haystack? I look forward to being yours!!!

Julie Kaboolie Coker


Complete proofreading

grammarpunctuationspelling and capitalizationword usage & word tenseall other proofreading-related tasksCMOS trained


General content - $3.00/page
Medical/Technical/Fact-Checking- $4.00/page
Short projects - Flat Rate $25
(less than ten pages) - i.e., restaurant menu, essay, report (non-medical or technical)
**Based on standard proofreading rates: 250 words/page, Times New Roman twelve point, one-inch margins, double-spaced.

Turnaround times and deadlines must be specified up front and may incur additional fees.


"Wow! Cathy from Hawkeyes Proofreading does an incredible job. Her eye to detail is spot on and picked up things there were hidden so subtly, I would never had found them myself. I love that she also sheds some guidance on inconsistencies throughout the story and her communication about this is clear and supportive. She is so easy to work with, chat with and adaptable to any circumstance. I am from Australia, and her ability to edit in Australian lingo/British English, is amazing. I love her commitment to learning and taking on such a lengthy process. Absolutely recommend her 100%, and if I can find another story in me, there will be no hesitation in contacting her again. Thank you Cathy!"

K. Cameron, Author

"Cathy of Hawk Eyes Proofreading is the real deal. Not only does she thoroughly catch all those mistakes and inconsistencies I somehow missed in every draft, but she's very fast at it without losing quality! Add to that her attentiveness to regularly communicate her progress and her genuine enthusiasm for my manuscript along the way, and I'm beyond satisfied with her arsenal of skills. I'll definitely turn to her for my future proofreading needs. I can't recommend her services enough!"

M. H. Woodscourt, Author

Having known Cac for several years, I didn't know she was a professional proofreader until a mutual friend recommended her. When I sent her my manuscript, I didn't know what to expect and what I can say with confidence is Cac exceeded my expectations. She returned my manuscript after the first reading with so many corrections, I had no idea.
Once I went through it and sent it back and then got the second and final copy returned, it sounded as I hoped it would. It read so smoothly that it was exactly what I was looking for. I have no doubt I will use her again in the future and feel confident enough to recommend her.

Dr. Mitchell Kershner ND Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Professional Speaker

“Cac’s enthusiasm for her work is refreshing. Proofreading is grueling and her sense of humor and high energy make the process a pleasure. I’ve been writing for 20 years and Cac has been my go-to for every draft. She’s a great editing partner, fast and accountable.”

D. Brandon, Writer

"I have known Cac Stiner for several decades. She is a person upon whom you can rely in many areas of life. This recommendation is specifically for her work as a master proof-reader.

Cac is a great proof-reader. She recently handled a project for me with timeliness and excellence. I am completely satisfied with how she performed. Her rates for service are fair and she makes payment easy on the clients terms. She has “proofed” for me many times and she has always been my “go-to” expert in the areas of grammar, english and context for my writing.

I suggest you hire Cac for your project right now!"

Bill Esby, Writer & Real Estate Investor

"I recently asked Hawk Eyes Proofreading to read my manuscript, "The Algorithm Man-The Return of the A-Man." I thought it was ready for publication. I had an editor and several reviewers work on my document before Cathy. Cathy Stiner found several items that I had overlooked and offered me several suggestions for improvement to my style. The result is a product that I am proud to publish. Her help was invaluable. I can highly recommend Cathy Stiner and Hawk Eyes Proofreading."

J. Salvatore Domino, Writer

Hawk Eye Proofreading


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